“Essential oils, what are those?” You may have asked yourself this question at some point. You’ll be surprised to know that essential oil does not contain any fatty acids, despite being an “oil”. It is simply a substance that contains a high concentration of plant components.

If you’re not familiar with essential oils, then it must be surprising to know that essential oils have already been around for thousands of years. They have been used for all different kinds of purposes such as for cosmetics or health reasons. But, the uses of essential oils do not simply stop there, they can be applied to a wide variety of uses.

So you may be wondering what’s really in it for you when you decide to use essential oils. Here is a short list of what you can expect from essential oils and much more.

yay-1992701-digitalBeauty Secret – They brings out your skin’s natural glow.

As mentioned before, essential oils are often used for cosmetic use and bringing out your skin’s natural glow is one of those. You may think that in this era, lotions and beauty products are the way to go. But, why not do your beauty regimen in a more traditional way. Essential oils may be the secret that people from the ancient times used to look and feel refined even without today’s technology.

Essential oils can help you lessen the obvious signs of aging, help you to rock healthy hair and of course, achieve that natural glowing skin.

Best Essential Oils for Aging Skin via Dr. Axe

  • Jojoba Essential Oil
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil

Having problems with pimples and other skin blemishes? Instead of going for the usual beauty product routine, opt for the more natural and traditional essential oil. There are essential oils that can serve as a skin purifier, toner, among other things. All of which will surely give you that soft baby face.

Best Essential Oils for Acne & Blemishes via Dr. Axe

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Clary Sage Oil
  • Juniper Berry Oil

yay-19901496-digitalThe Healer – Used as a healing substance because of its natural aromatherapeutic effects.

One thing that essential oils are definitely famous for is that they have a variety of uses in the field of medicine. Take lavender as an example, a few of its uses are sleep induction for people who have a hard time getting to sleep, or diffusing this essential oil will help to soothe a headache. Those are only a few examples of its healing effects, but it does pose the idea that whatever problem you may have; an essential oil can help take care of it.

Aside from soothing pain, it can also serve as an antiseptic, analgesic, antiviral and has many other medicinal uses. It also helps boost your immune system that will stop you from getting different kinds of illness such as a simple cold or a cough.

Best Essential Oils with Healing Properties

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Oregano Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Thyme Oil


Natural Cleansing Ingredient and Air Purifier- This helps to clean all your favorite things.  

Cleaning products and agents are not the only options when it comes to cleaning all kinds of messes in your house. Essential Oils also aid in dispelling and removing bugs, rats, and unwanted insects. They can also kill unseen bacteria by purifying the air. Essential oils are also used for their antimicrobial properties. These will help make you feel at ease when you use them.

Here’s a great recipe from Dr. Axe that will save your home from bacteria and germs.

Homemade Melaleuca Lemon Household Cleaner

Total Time: 2 minutes

Serves: 30-90


  • 8oz water
  • 4oz distilled white vinegar
  • 15 drops melaleuca oil
  • 15 drops lemon
  • Glass Cleaning Spray bottle


  1. Fill spray bottle with ingredients.
  2. Close bottle and shake to mix.
  3. Swirl/shake bottle before each spray.

Here is a quick link to 101 Essential Oils Uses for some great home remedies.


Mood Savior- It helps to enhance your mood because of its relaxing and calming properties.

You may find yourself in a bad mood after a long day; meeting your deadlines, missing your lunch, dealing with your boss or even arguments with your loved ones. You try every option to cheer yourself up, from watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory to eating dozens of slices of pizza. But nothing really improves your mood or makes your day better. This is where essential oils come in. Essential oils are known for their mood-enhancing effects because diffusing these scents help to brighten up your day.

Use different kinds of essential oils that suit your taste and diffuse them whenever you’re getting a massage or having a relaxing time in the bath.  Do not forget to invest in only the best Essential Oil Diffuser , trust BellaSentials and they will definitely make your day brighter.



Healthier You- They help strengthen your physical well-being.

Looking for other ways to achieve a healthy body? Aside from regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can move your game up a notch by incorporating essential oils into your lifestyle. Essential oils can serve as an exemplary antioxidant that lets you support your body needs and speed up your revitalization process. There are a plethora of essential oils that you can choose from that will cater to your needs and aid in having an optimally healthy body.

Essential oils also help your digestive function which will in turn help detoxify your body and boost your overall health.


A New You- It heightens Spiritual Awareness.  

It is an important thing to note that essential oils have always played a vital role in religious ceremonies, like with the burning of incense. So it’s not a far-fetched thing to say that indulging in essential oils can help you achieve that spiritual focus that you may need. The high concentration of plant components found in these oils have been proven to stimulate the part of your brain that is associated with emotions and your state of mind.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the aforementioned things  are the only benefits you can reap from using essential oils. Although it really does prove that the use of essential oils can reach far and wide. It can’t be denied that for every problem you face, there is a particular essential oil or blend that will help to give you a solution. Essential oils have a ton of benefits that may not have been mentioned. These are only some of the great uses for them.  There may be so many more benefits that experts themselves may not have discovered yet. So what’s stopping you now? Live Life Abundantly and Start Diffusing Essential Oils Today!